AfricanCEO Technology Training Program

AfricanCEO Technology Training Program
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AfricanCEO Technology Training Program

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We can make the minority tech community stronger, and safer, and provide opportunities to the communities we serve. We can revitalize communities worldwide and make the future brighter for the next generation. We’re starting with a strong foundation. AfricanCEO and MOHBILITY & CiTEDD have teamed up to create AfricanCEO, a pilot program, to put the plan into action. AfricanCEO is an organization that will enhance members’ knowledge through technology-driven education working one-on-one with youth/young adults globally. AfricanCEO will use traditional academic content with applied learning concepts. A significant portion is devoted to practical study in a lab environment in the cloud located in Los Angeles, California. AfricanCEO will engage full-time staff members plus activate volunteers as caring mentors for children and young adults from the surrounding area.  


Through consistent and prolonged interaction with mentors, the mission in the first year of the program would be for its members to become more invested in their education trajectory, problem-solving skills, communication, and future workforce skills. In the long-term, members would demonstrate an improved attitude toward technology-driven processes and adopt a "future thinking" mindset which, along with improved self-perception, would support the student’s future academic success and knowledge in technology-driven areas. The experience in a business environment will enable members to visualize that future made possible through education and assistance in shaping new career aspirations.


  • Lack of IT training programs in the urban areas. 
  • The high unemployment rate in the country.
  • Lack of mentorship programs for the youth.
  • Implementing robust IT training and mentorship programs in the urban areas. 
  • Connect international partners with an affordable labor force in emerging markets.


AfricanCEO technology-driven mentorship and tutoring program will work one-on-one with members in a traditional academic and lab environment. AfricanCEO staff will train volunteers and provide on-site coaching throughout the program, creating an ideal environment to support the mentor/member relationship. Members are to report to a virtual location where they will meet weekly with their designated mentor. Each session begins with a group activity and then members will engage in reading and discussion with their mentors. Volunteers are trained to leverage the text information to identify with the member and engage their interests. Time at the end of the session is reserved for homework help, which provides an opportunity for members to receive support in subjects that might be challenging. Additional exercises are incorporated throughout the year, to develop higher-level academic skills and facilitate member-volunteer dialogue.    

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